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Leveling Concrete Foundation

Foundation repair is serious business; anytime a house foundation sinks or moves in Denver it affects every room in your home. Necessary fix: Minor cracks can be repaired using crack injection, but major cracks or those continuing to grow are signs of a more serious foundation issue; a foundation repair professional will determine the cause of the failing foundation and provide recommendations for repair (often the installation of piers to brace and support the foundation).
With SafeBasements and our professional ‘Gold Standard' we guarantee real solutions for water prevention and concrete restoration. Foundation Repair If the home is on a level surface, slab is usually the first choice because it is cost effective and shouldn't require repairs.
If your home does not have a basement we provide crawl space repair using encapsulation as a means to protect and remove the threat of mold , woodrot, and humidity, while support beams can be fixed or replaced if you're suffering from sagging floor joists.

We are the first Gold Star SafeBasements dealer providing basement waterproofing , foundation repair , crawl space repair , and basement finishing services in the Denver area including our immediate location in Denver proper, Cherry Hill, Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, and many others.
We offer Centennial and Denver Foundation Repair services, mudjacking, supporting piles, drainage solutions, and Crawlspace encapsulation. About 20% of the homes we inspect do not require repairs. When combined with the bentonite clay that can expand from floods and snow and shrink when moisture decreases, the result is soil conditions that can make the foundations of homes vulnerable to damage.

Once in place, the grout solidifies into a dense concrete mass and provides a competent bearing for the concrete slab. Here at Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing we use advanced products and systems to assist in restoring the common faults of failing foundations.
Pro-West Contracting offers quality, cost-effective solutions for all types of residential foundation repairs. Tony Plescia, President has over 20 years of first-hand experience and knowledge in repairing; basement foundations, basement waterproofing, crawl space and bowed wall repair.

The lack of proper landscaping maintenance caused water to flow negatively towards the foundation of this property, swelling the foundation past the point of repair. If you're interested in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, concrete leveling, or any of our other services, contact us online.
This type of foundation is susceptible to structural damage, particularly that caused by water. Basement Detective provides water management, waterproofing solutions, and mold remediation and mold clean up services. Denver Foundation Repair is highly trained in this process and will be able to successfully fix your foundation problems.
At Denver Foundation Solutions we use SafeBasements foundation piering systems and structural products to take care of even the worst of problems. Thankfully, our structural repair pros know how to fix it without seriously damaging the environment, and even though it might look a little (or a lot) scary, almost all foundation problems can be repaired.

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