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Polythene Sheet Thickness

Packaging materials may come in different materials but the most common product is the polythene sheeting. Before you site your greenhouse it would be a wise idea to take note of where the sun shines in your garden, ideally you want the greenhouse to get a fair amount of direct sunlight but to have a period of shade at some point so as not to over heat the plants.
Again, next day delivery rates are based on the weight of items in the shopping cart. Examine the cover every day and every time you see any polythene sheeting green showing through, cover it with three sheets of newspaper with all the edges overlapped by a ring of three-sheets deep newspaper.

For use as a protective sheet or for general wrapping of objects without sharp edges, choose the light or medium duty polythene sheeting. In addition to all of the purposes we highlighted for the light duty polythene, our medium duty polythene is particularly suited to the protection of furniture during transit or storage as it won't tear as easily due its thicker grade.
Don't bother online go to them they are far cheaper and have better quality products and best of all a big warehouse you can drive to and collect on the same day. Polythene sheeting is a plastic film made from petroleum (you may also hear it referred to as polyethylene sheeting, poly sheeting, plastic sheeting, plastic film and poly film).

Rated 5 out of 5 by pete66 from Polythene sheeting Bought it a a temporary greenhouse cover. Large roll of sheeting ideal for draping over library shelves, protecting from leaks and water in a disaster situation, or against dust when undergoing building work.
Builders Film Polyethylene sheet … GD-FILM Black IR2 4m x 50m roll 200Um … GD-FILMO633200 Orange IR3 6m x 33m roll 200Um Note: 2m wide rolls. As well as being used indoors, the polythene sheeting is also perfectly poised for use in the garden or on an exposed site.
Heavy Duty Polythene is a DPM - damp proof membrane. Light duty polythene sheeting is very thin, around 86 microns, and is often used as a dust cover or for protection when painting or spraying. It can be centre folded or multi-folded for ease of use and storage and is sometimes supplied with perforations to make it easier to tear lengths of sheet from the roll.

Our polythene sheeting is available in a range of thicknesses, types and sizes to suit your needs and your wallet. The ranges of plastic products are compatible for the construction and engineering substances. Our TPS Polythene Sheeting is multi-folded so you can effectively stop dirt from spreading through a building site, and protect furniture from damage whilst in transit.
There are thousands of polythene sheeting rolls that are available for immediate delivery when you need your poly sheeting fast for projects on a timeline. Our damp-proof sheeting measures 4mtr wide x 25mtr long. There are 93 white polythene sheeting suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

2 metre wide clear heavy duty polythene sheeting 1000 gauge. All our coloured sheeting is 500g (Heavy). Medium Impact Black Builders Film, 4m x 50m x 200um, known as Polythene or Poly, Concrete underlay & Foundations, Used as a Moisture & Vapour Barrier, Wrapping Asbestos & Hard Floor Protection, manufactured to Australian Standard, AS2870.
With our extensive range of polythene products we can always perfect your order. And whether white polythene sheeting is pe, or 100% polyester. If you have a large greenhouse, it can be practical to drape a screen of polythene sheeting to cordon off a particular important crop from any potential draughts.

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