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Step Into China's Market

Led by former Google Hong Kong management executives, our Account Management Team comprises certified elites with at least 6 years solid experience in Search Engine Marketing. Natalie holds a range of digital marketing certifications including a dual certification in Global Baidu SEO strategies Digital Marketing & Localization from Boeing Institute of International Business, Saint Louis University and Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics from EMERITUS Institute of Management in collaboration with Columbia Business School.
Traveling halfway round the world might as well give us a fair idea about the internet consumer landscape - China, which has the largest number of net citizens is dominated by it's local search engine, Baidu (with over 60% reach) - while Google captures 25% of the Chinese eyeballs.

China, however, can be a complex market to enter due to the number of cultural, behavioral, and language differences, before we even consider that Baidu is the major search engine (Google exited the market in 2010) and that the Chinese government practices internet censorship.
A second issue (that is true for Search Spiders in general, but especially so for Baidu) is that websites hosted outside china can have real problems (seen this on a few MNC clients) slow speed of page access will cause Baidu spider to give up before they index your pages.

Tencent (which sounds familiar because they bought 12 percent of Snapchat in 2017) has also been investing in their search platform Sogou (5 percent of the mobile search market) and their mobile web browser QQ (11 percent of the mobile web browser market).
If (a) internet penetration levels in the developing world continue to rise at current growth rates and (b) Google are unable to substantially grow their local language share of the market, one could speculate that their overall (world) market share could fall to less than half current levels within eight years, with Baidu eventually overtaking Google as the world number one.
On-Page SEO - While Google can often interpret context of your pages via their NLP algorithms very well even without exact match keywords on page, in Baidu it's not the case so you will have to make sure your content contains your target keywords in a natural way.

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