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The Truth About Water System Vacuum Cleaner Systems

Cleaner floors - extra freshness For those who like things to be as clean as possible and for their home to feel fresh and airy, Kärcher can now offer you that extra blast of freshness. The Sirena System is a unique total home cleaning system, which is being named "the healthiest vacuum in the world!" The Sirena System is centred on a water based air filtration system which will clean and sanitize, remove odours and all while delivering purified and aromatic air inside your home.
Perhaps a disadvantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that you will need to pay special attention to cleaning it. The water in the tank will dirty quickly, so it will have to be changed after each use, so you will need more time to clean the vacuum cleaner beforehand.

However, there are certain premium traditional vacuums that have both HEPA filtration as well as a completely sealed system that also do an excellent water filtration vacuum cleaners job such as Dyson or Shark , or Sebo and Miele vacuums These vacuums also don't have the drawbacks that water filtration vacuums have.

Vaporetto Go Cleaner and Steam Mop is the compact and easy to transport steam cleaner: thanks to the practical shoulder strap and wheels, you can decide whether to wear it on your back or push it. Designed for effective cleaning throughout the house: from floors to carpets, mattresses to sofas, taps to mirrors.
The eureka moment was when I remembered the principle of operation of another vacuum cleaner we had stored at the basement. Also it is torturous to clean the vacuum filter, the bucket and the hose after all that clogging. All the air molecules that get sucked through the vacuum system go through a jet stream of water multiple times, until all dust particles (small or large) are caught up inside the pool of water in the vacuum.
The Hepa filtration not only removes dust and dirt, but also captures of air-borne allergens. One very popular type of ultra fine air filter is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. Knowing the merits of having a water filtration vacuum is one thing, deciding on the brand to go for, is a different ball game.

The smaller dust particles get trapped in the water filter. The Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in water tank that traps dust and debris — leaving air clean and fresh. We have discovered that the water filtration vacuum cleaners have many more benefits than the traditional vacuum cleaners.
This appliance is just like a regular dry vacuum cleaner, with the difference being the water addition. Many vacuums have a secondary filter. The air that comes out of the back of a water filter vacuum is generally very clean, free of debris, and even free of pathogens too.
US Patent 6,735,817: Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic air flow by Kenneth W. Bair et al, Royal Appliance. It's no coincidence that major players like Bissell, Shark , and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners tend not to enter the water filtration market. The water filter tends to be mucky, but it is not considerably less effective than HEPA.

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